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• Documentation

• Health and safety policies

• Evidence of risk assessments

• Safe systems of work

• Method statements

• The workplace: floors, walls, ceilings

• Safe working temperatures

• Air quality and noise

• Employee appropriate training

• First aid manual handling

• Infectious diseases

How often will I be inspected?

Audits and inspections

Did you know that your environmental health inspection report is now available to anyone who requests it? Soon it could be available on the web. Your reputation may depend on what your inspection report reveals.


Avoid any distress when your catering business is inspected, by having regular and professional audits carried out to the same if not higher level than that required by your local government environmental officer.

For a comprehensive regular and professional audit of your catering establishment in Chichester and across West Sussex, call Banana Skin Safety on: 01243 774 161

• Documentation

• Food safety policy

• Evidence of Food Safety Risk Assessments (H.A.C.C.P)

• The structure:  floors, walls, ceilings, equipment

• Food hygiene practices

• Food preparation

• Cooking and cooling procedures

• Reheating and hot holding procedures

• Prevention of cross contamination.

Food hygiene audits cover:

For an affordable monthly sum, Banana Skin Safety in Chichester offers a Peace of Mind contract that's designed to provide daily support in all areas of health and safety and additional support when things do go wrong.


Our food consultancy services include:


Food safety support

Health and safety advice

Regular training courses

Catering establishments are inspected every 18 to 24 months and the future of your business could depend on their report.

Health and safety audits cover:

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