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Sign up to our Peace of Mind contract and protect your business. For an affordable monthly sum we will ensure that you keep up to date with regulations, maintain a hazard free food flow and provide vital support if you are faced with any allegations regarding your food or your premises.

Our food consultancy services include:


Health and Safety advice

Regular kitchen audits and inspections

Regular training courses

Added protection for your catering enterprise

Food safety and H.A.C.C.P guidelines

Tracking food items from supplier to customer takes organisation, effort and above all time. The last thing a busy chef needs is to be watching every move in the kitchen to ensure that all the HACCP guidelines are being adhered to.


Banana Skin Safety will carry out a full professional food safety audit of the flow of food items through your kitchen in Chichester to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your food handling processes and provide a step by step, personalised food safety guide that is easy to follow and quick to refer to.

For a professional food safety audit in Chichester and across West Sussex, call Banana Skin Safety on:

01243 774 161

After observation and an initial audit our food hygiene specialist will:


• Identify hazardous procedures

• Highlight and monitor critical control points (CCPs)

• Advise on areas where corrective measures are required

• Provide guidelines and procedures in an easy to follow manual

• Develop a diary system to record required information

• Return three times a year to ensure standards have not slipped

Banana Skin Safety - food safety experts in action:

We are a nationwide company providing food consultancy for:


• Hotels and restaurants

• Cafes, bars and bistros

• Food suppliers

• Retail outlets

• Leisure and hospitality

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