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For an affordable monthly subscription, Banana Skin Safety's Peace of Mind contract for kitchen ensures you get professional support in the event of an accident investigation or alleged food poisoning incident. We will complete all the necessary paperwork and contact the relevant authorities.


Banana Skin Safety use an independent laboratory to test samples required for investigative purposes.


Banana Skin Safety was formed by Trevor Ware, who spent many years as a local government officer enforcing food health and safety. All our staff are professionals in their field and have worked with prestigious restaurants and celebrity chefs. We are located in Chichester.


We specialise in:


Food safety

Health and Safety

Audits and inspections

Specialist training

Emergency support

Peace of Mind contract

Compliance with food safety recommendations and all the health and safety regulations is one thing - completing all the paperwork is another. Requiring a rigorous attention to detail and extremely time consuming, there is always the added worry that you have missed something.


Take our Peace of Mind contract for kitchens in Chichester and West Sussex, and we will inspect your catering facilities at least 2 to 4 times a year to ensure that your food hygiene practices, documentation and premises are up to scratch.


If all is in order, you may be eligible for our unique Safe to Eat Award created to let your customers know that you kitchen is well managed and spotless, and the food uncontaminated.

For peace of mind in the kitchen call Banana Skin Safety on:  

01243 774 161

• Peace of mind for you and your staff

• Glowing inspection reports for all to see

• We do the worrying while you create great food

• All queries answered with one quick phone call

• Professional investigation into accidents

• Alleged food poisoning incidents investigated for you

Benefits to your catering business:

• A hot line for queries

• 2-4 audits a year

• Daily support and advice

• Rigorous inspections

• Independent sample testing

• Accident investigation

• Alleged food poisoning incidents

Our contract provides: