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• Foundation Health and Safety:  1 day for all staff

• Supervising Health and Safety: 3 days for managers, supervisors and foreman

• Avoiding Aggression, including 'Breakaway Techniques': Front line staff facing potential aggressive situations

• Manual Handling: All staff involved in lifting loads


Trevor Ware was employed for 15 years by two of the largest food hygiene consultants as London's leading food hygiene trainer.

Additional courses include:

Food hygiene and health and safety training

Give your staff the tools to do their job properly and your business can only benefit. Training in the catering industry is not only a legal requirement; it also leads to professionally managed kitchens and dining room, high staff morale and an air of confidence that your customers will quickly appreciate.


Banana Skin Safety provides a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke kitchen health and safety courses in Chichester and across West Sussex, aimed at the catering industry. Check dates available.


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For information on training dates in Chichester, call Banana Skin Safety on: 01243 774 161

• Food Hygiene level 1:  ½ day for kitchen porters, service staff, retail staff and delivery drivers

• Level 2 Food Safety in Catering: 1 day for chefs, and anyone preparing open foods

• Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering: 3 days for supervisors and head chefs

R.S.H. QCA approved kitchen health and safety courses

Banana Skin Safety's food consultancy services:

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